Transparent to sunlight but not to the eyes

Sun protection swimwear!

By choosing MEperTe swimwear, you are taking care of your body and the environment.
Our swimwear protects both you and nature! Using MEperTe, you get an even, safe tan without swimsuit marks.
Our technologists have developed an innovative fabric that works like an SPF30-35 sunscreen. That is why most of our models have a closed neckline, neck, shoulders and even arms in order to protect these parts of the body from age-related changes. At the same time, the tan gently lays down through the fabric, without burns, redness, allergies and peeling.

Dries very quickly!

This is important and beneficial for the body and women's health.
You will not be in a wet swimsuit for a long time and there will be no need to constantly change clothes.

Swimwear MEperTe

  • Protects against sunburn, redness and irritation
  • Dries instantly
  • Allow skin to breathe
  • Protect skin from photoaging
  • Allow you to sunbathe gently through without traces of a swimsuit
  • Maximum comfort (body shaping, breast support...)

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How to sunbathe in this swimsuit?

Under the fabric, melanin continues to be produced and the tan lies softly, without the harmful and extreme effects of sunlight.
To get an even tan, we recommend applying sunscreen with an SPF35 factor (or higher, depending on individual characteristics!) to unprotected skin areas 40 minutes before going to the beach!

Models with long sleeves will help girls with white skin, who quickly burns, who is red, with freckles, or has allergies (in this case, consultation with a doctor is necessary) - such a swimsuit will protect and allow you to get a golden tan, and not burn.

Swimwear with long sleeves