Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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How do MEperTe swimwear work?

Our technologists have designed the fabric in such a way that it consists of thousands of tiny holes (pores) that allow part of the sun's rays to pass through. Due to this, smart swimwear does not leave white marks on the skin, but provides the same skin protection from the sun as a medium protection cream. And if you apply SPF35 cream to open areas of the body, you will get an even and soft tan all over your body.

In addition, such a fabric feels more comfortable on the body, allows the skin to breathe and, due to its properties, dries much faster than conventional swimwear.
You can stay in them longer in the sun, the skin will not burn, redden and peel off, there will be no redness and pain.
In this case, swimwear will not be transparent, because. we carefully work out the prints so that they visually create the effect of dense fabric.

What is the composition of swimwear?

Composition of our swimwear: 69% polyester, 31% elastane

How to choose the right size?

In order to choose the right size, you need to take measurements of your parameters, as well as growth for fused models. Then you can choose the appropriate size in the section here.
If you still have doubts, you can always contact our managers who will help you choose the right size and the right model, taking into account the features of your figure.
If you order from us for the first time, we recommend that you consult with the manager anyway.

Are MEperTe swimwear transparent?

No, smart swimsuits are practically opaque, thanks to the density of the fabric and the prints we have selected. However, the fabric, due to the presence of a huge number of tiny pores that allow the sun's rays to pass through, is quite thin, so the level of transparency may depend on how much it is stretched on the figure. If you are very worried and very modest, then you should choose a more intense print that visually masks the body and creates a more opaque effect. The more solid the pattern, the more transparent it will appear.

How long can you stay in the sun?

Our swimsuits are ideal for water and beach sports, families with children, etc. - beachwear and swimwear with sleeves allow you to spend a lot of time in the sun, several times longer than usual. However, we recommend that you do not abuse sunbathing - with all the protection, your body cannot be protected from general overheating and other factors.
The swimsuit works like a sunscreen with a medium SPF level: for different skin (white / dark) there will be a different effect.

What is the shelf life of swimwear?

The service life of any swimsuit, like ours, is directly affected by proper care. Formally, swimwear is intended for use during the season, but it can quite easily please the owners of our products of the 2nd and 3rd seasons.
Even the most expensive and high-quality models of outfits, having experienced the influence of external factors, as well as UV protection, lose their shape, becoming unusable.

Proper care will help prolong the life of your bathing suit. The main rule: you should never leave it wet after salt water - you need to rinse it in cool fresh water. Washing is done only by hand, in a weak soapy water solution at a temperature of 20-30 degrees. When using sunscreen, try to avoid contact with the fabric. In addition, hydromassage jets and trips to the sauna and baths are detrimental to the elastane fibers of the swimsuit.